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Mary Guirovich is the award-winning CEO & Founder of My Promotion Plan, the #1 Best-Selling Author of God’s Not Done With You – How to Advance Your Career and Live in Abundance, and the host of The Mary Guirovich Show podcast.

Mary helps women strategically plan and advance their careers in record time so they can maximize their earning potential and live the life of their dreams. Mary discovered her process in which she teaches others from her own career experience. She went from being told, “we’re not sure you’re right for the position” to being named VPO, then COO, then named partner, and told she was on track to be CEO allowing her to increase her salary by 600%. She saw the success of her methods, she dedicated her career to coaching other professional women across the country to help them design their own career paths through the My Promotion Plan systems.

She also partners with entrepreneurs and corporations to create inclusive and sustainable cultures which include clear-cut career advancement paths for women. It’s her goal to help women earn 1 million promotions or raises by 2030 as she works to change the perception of women in the workplace.

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